Instead Of A Book, By A Man Too Busy To Write One (1893/1897)

Part III. Land and Rent.

Table of Contents

  1. The Land for the People.
  2. Basic Principles of Economics: Rent.
  3. Rent: Parting Words.
  4. Property Under Anarchism.
  5. Mere Land No Saviour for Labor.
  6. Henry George’s Secondary Factors.
  7. The State Socialists and Henry George.
  8. Liberty and the George Theory.
  9. A Criticism That Does Not Apply.
  10. Land Occupancy and its Conditions
  11. Competitive Protection.
  12. Protection, and its Relation to Rent.
  13. Liberty and Land.
  14. Rent, and its Collection by Force.
  15. The Distribution of Rent.
  16. Economic Rent.
  17. Liberty and Property
  18. Going to Pieces on the Rocks.
  19. Simplifying Government.
  20. On Picket Duty.