Instead Of A Book, By A Man Too Busy To Write One (1893/1897)

Part II. Money and Interest.

Table of Contents

  1. Who is the Somebody?
  2. Reform Made Ridiculous.
  3. A Defence of Capital.
  4. The Position of William.
  5. Capital’s Claim to Increase.
  6. A Baseless Charge.
  7. Another Answer to Mr. Babcock
  8. Attention, Apex!
  9. Usury.
  10. Apex or Basis.
  11. The Position of William.
  12. Economic Hodge-Podge.
  13. An Unwarranted Question.
  14. An Alleged Flaw in Anarchy.
  15. Shall the Transfer Papers Be Taxed?
  16. Money and Capital.
  17. To-day’s View of Interest.
  18. To-day’s Excellent Fooling.
  19. Government and Value.
  20. The Power of Government Over Values.
  21. Free Trade in Banking.
  22. Currency and Government.
  23. The Equalization of Wage and Product.
  24. A False Idea of Freedom.
  25. Monopoly, Communism, and Liberty.
  26. Pinney His Own Procrustes.
  27. Ten Questions Briefly Answered.
  28. A Standard of Value a Necessity.
  29. A Necessity or a Delusion,—Which?
  30. Anarchy’s New Ally.
  31. Economic Superstition.
  32. A Book that is Not Milk for Babes.
  33. State Banking versus Mutual Banking.
  34. Mr. Bilgram’s Rejoinder.
  35. Free Money.
  36. Free Money First.
  37. Stop the Main Leak First.
  38. An Indispensable Accident.
  39. Leland Stanford’s Land Bank.
  40. Mutualism in the Service of Capital.
  41. Edward Atkinson’s Evolution.
  42. A Greenbacker in a Corner.
  43. Free Money and the Cost Principle
  44. Proudhon’s Bank.
  45. Why Wages Should Absorb Profits.
  46. A Great Idea Perverted.
  47. On Picket Duty.