From the Publishers of Libertarian Connection: Special Subscription Information

From the Publishers of Libertarian Connection:

Special Subscription Information

[2] So many people have been unable to believe that we are offering as much as we are for $2.50, that we wish to clarify all our policies.

1. Subscription price is $2.50 per year and includes at no extra cost.

A. You are guaranteed 200 pages or 8 issues, whichever is least for your $2.50. Our regular publishing schedule is every 6 weeks.

B. If for any reason we do not meet our guarantee as stated above, your remaining subscription money (after subtracting proportionally for issues sent) will be refunded if you request it.

C. We heartily desire but do not require that you contribute up to two pages of any material INCLUDING FREE ADVERTISING (up to half the pages contributed) to EACH issue. The privilege of contributing material is INCLUDED in the subscription price of $2.50. See below for further information.

2. We are selling these subscriptions essentially at materials cost to encourage participation; we are seeking psychological, intellectual, and other non-material profits in place of direct monetary ones since our analysis of the libertarian market has indicated that this is where the greatest profit can be gained at this time.

3. We openly encourage reprinting of anything in our mag by other libertarian (we hope) publications if credit (name, address, and subscription price) is given.

4. Make all checks out to LISA DAWN.

See page   for special offer for new subscribers.


1. We invite as contributors only individuals who a) oppose the draft and b) oppose all taxation and c) oppose all laws regulating non-coercive personal conduct including voluntary exchange (such as anti-trust or drug laws, etc.). Although it is preferred, a contributor does not have to be an anarchist, but he must muzzle his State at least as much as an Objectivist.

2. Your material need not be technical or academic. But if you practically always bore our readers and ourselves, we won’t renew your subscription, at least not for $2.50.

We guarantee to print your material exactly as sent in by you EXCEPT under the extraordinary circumstance that we believe the publishers would be in danger of arrest or annoying interrogation.


a) The type of mimeo stencil to buy is any 4-hole type; our machine is a Rex Rotary D-280. Read and follow the simple instructions which come with the stencil(s).

b) Use correction fluid for errors; reduce typing pressure when you type over the dried fluid.

c) Type between the horizontal lines numbered 10 and 70 and allow an inch to an inch and a quarter margins on each side.

d) When completed, roll up into a tube (or send flat, protected by cardboard). Do NOT fold or crease your stencils; this could ruin them. Send stencils to Lisa Dawn, c/o R. Bobb, 5610 Smiley Dr., Los Angeles, Calif. 90016.

e) If you wish to be notified of receipt of stencils, enclose a self-addressed, stamped postcard. The Post Office lost one person’s stencils for the first issue, so its best to keep your notes. Incidentally they were sent first class over a distance of about 7 miles!