Mind: New Series. Vol. 12, No. 48 (October 1903)

With the Co-operation of Professor E. B. Titchener, American Editorial Representative, and of Dr. E. Caird, Professor Ward, Professor Ward, Professor Pringle-Pattison, and other Members of an Advisory Committee.


  1. I.—The Refutation of Idealism: G. E. Moore
  2. II.—Kant's Transcendental Idealism and Empirical Realism: C. M. Walsh
  3. III.—The Physiological Factors of the Attention-Process (III.): W. MacDougall
  4. IV.—The Disjunctive Judgment: G. R. T. Ross
  5. V.—Discussions:
    1. Notes on the Philosophy of Supposition: W. J. White
    2. Note in Reply to Mr. A. W. Benn: A. E. Taylor
  6. VI.—Critical Notices:
    1. F. W. H. Mayers, Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death: W. MacDougall
    2. R. B. Haldane, The Pathway to Reality: Being the Gifford Lectures delivered in the University of St. Andrews in the Session 1902-3: H. Rashdall
    3. L. Busse, Geist und Körper, Seele und Leib: D. Morrison
    4. J. S. Mackenzie, Outlines of Metaphysics: S. H. Mellone
  7. VII.—New Books
  8. VIII.—Philosophical Periodicals
  9. XII.—Notes
    1. Mind Association
    2. Death of Professor Bain

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