To Our Friends

Whatever one’s individual estimate of Mother Earth, our readers will agree that it is a cry in the wilderness—a cry defiant or sad, triumphant or agonized, weak or lusty, but ever a cry, persistent, enduring.

There is something awesome about a cry in the wilderness, something compelling respect and admiration even from those who stand by, indifferent, and rousing love and helpfulness on the part of those whose souls echo the solitary cry.

The Mother Earth cry, at first quite solitary and uttered out of the fulness of one’s need, has touched a responsive chort in hundreds of hearts, and thus become stronger and more resonant, and hopefully of continuous growth.

With this confidence in our hearts we know that you will not only help us continue the work as in the past, but you will also aid us in broadening and widening its scope. We plan for the coming issues a number of articles of more than usual interest, among them the publication of Emma Goldman’s very instructive lectures on The Victims of Morality, The Failure of Christianity,, etc., as well as a series of reviews of the works of Dostoyevski, Hauptmann, Synge and other modern writers and dramatists. Furthermore, we have in view various essays dealing with the important questions of the labor movement—Syndicalism, Direct Action, Sabotage.

Our friends and readers who want to help us materialize these plans will considerably aid us by increasing the number of Mother Earth readers. Can we count on you, friends, to interest wider circles in our work and procure for the magazine new subscribers? Our offer of a premium of Emma Goldman’s work, Anarchism and Other Essays, paper cover, with every new subscription or renewal, holds good till April 1. Besides, our friends can help us directly by renewing their subscriptions in advance. With every 2-year renewal we offer, free, a copy of Conquest of Bread, by Peter Kropotkin; with a subscription for 3 years, a copy of Brieux’s Three Plays; while for every 5-year subscription the premium will be a copy of Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist, by Alexander Berkman, together with a copy of Brieux’s Three Plays.

Let all our friends and readers who appreciate our efforts and value the work of the magazine be up and doing to aid our labors.

All those who belong, or want to belong, to the international Mother Earth Family will meet Thursday, February 20th, at Lenox Casino, 116th Street and Lenox Avenue, to celebrate the eighth birthday of the magazine and to bid a fare-ye-well to Emma Goldman, on the eve of her departure for her western tour.