Emma Goldman Dates

Chicago. East End Hall, Erie and Clark Streets.

Chicago Drama Dates. Assembly Hall of the Fine Arts Bldg.

Course tickets, reserved seats, including a year’s subscription to Mother Earth, $3.00; single ticket, 50 cents.

After that, I shall lecture in

Communications will reach me: In Chicago, Van Cluse Apts, 2446 Michigan Ave. In Grand Rapids, c/o Wm. Buwalda, R. R. 3., Hudsonville, Mich. In Detroit, c/o Yetta Bienenfeld, Shore Line Station 52, Roseville, Mich.

About dates for other cities, communicate with me at once.

Emma Goldman.

Van Cluse Apts., 2446 Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill.

Special Note for St. Louis

Friends—I shall be in your city from Nov. 28th to Dec. 6th. I will hold propaganda meetings Sunday, Nov. 29th, and Sunday, Dec. 6th, afternoon and evening. For the week of Nov. 30th to Dec. 5th, a drama course has been suggested, which is to consist of 6 lectures on The Social Significance of the Modern Drama. The price of the course, including one year’s subscription to Mother Earth, will be $2.00. Single admission 35 cents.

It will be the first time that a drama course is to be tried in St. Louis, and with your help, comrades, it ought to be as good a success as in other cities. Tickets and all information to be had from Mrs. Cecilia Lasersohn, 4045A Cleveland Ave.

Emma Goldman.

Statement of ownership, management, circulation, etc. of Mother Earth, published monthly at New York. Editor, Alexander Berkman. 74 West 119th St., New York; Managing Editor, Alexander Berkman, 74 West 119th St., New York; Business Manager, Dr. Ben L. Reitman, 74 West 119th St., New York; Publisher, Emma Goldman, 74 West 119th St., New York; Owner, Emma Goldman, 74 West 119th St., New York; Bondholders and Security Holders—none.

Alexander Berkman Editor.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 26th day of October, 1914.

C. L. McCorel,

(Seal) Notary Public, Westchester County.

Cerficate filed in New York County.

(My commission expires March 30, 1916.)