My Lecture Tour

As announced in the last issue, I am about to start on a lecture tour. So far the following schedule has been arranged:

I will speak on Anti-Militarism, Anarchism, the Labor Struggle, etc. Among my talks will be: 1. War—At Home and Abroad. 2. Unemployment and War. 3. War and Culture. 4. The War of the Classes. 5. Is Labor Justified in Using Violence? 6. Crime—In and Out of Prison. 7. The Psychology of Crime and Prisons.

One of the objects of my tour is to aid the comrades, in the cities I visit, to organize anti-militarist leagues and to help strengthen and federate existing Anarchist groups.

I hope to hear at once from those interested, and it would please me very much also to meet our comrades and sympathizers in the places I visit in an informal, fraternal way.

Alexander Berkman.