The Journal of Philosophy, Psychology, and Scientific Methods


  1. Notes upon Logical Topics; I. A Classification of Contemporary Tendencies: Professor John Dewey
  2. The Necessity from the Standpoint of Scientific Method of a Reconstruction of the Ideas of the Psychical and the Physical: Professor H. Heath Bawden
  3. Discussion:
    1. Organic Images: Doctor Wilfrid Lay
  4. Reviews and Abstracts of Literature:
    1. Turner's History of Philosophy: Doctor Adam Leroy Jones
    2. Philosophisches Lesebuch von Descoir und Menzer: Professor H. Austin Aikens
    3. Hylan on the Distribution of Attention: Professor W. B. Pillsbury
    4. Moore on the Refutation of Idealism: Doctor Ralph Barton Perry
    5. McGilvary on Ethics a Science: Doctor Wm. Milton Hess
    6. Laing on Art and Morality: Doctor Arthur H. R. Fairchild
  5. Journals and New Books
  6. Notes and News

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