When a premium of fifty dollars is offered for the best theatrical poem, our newspapers advertise the fact with great unanimity. The following is incomparably more important.


A Premium of Fifty Dollars, the Donation of a benevolent individual in the State of Maine, and now deposited with the Treasurer of the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, &c. is offered to the author of the best Treatise on the following subject: The Duties of Ministers and Churches of all denominations to avoid the stain of Slavery, and to make the holding of Slaves a barrier to communion and church membership.

The composition to be directed (post-paid) to either of the subscribers--the name of the author in a separate sealed paper, which will be destroyed if his work shall be rejected.

Six months from this date are allowed for the purpose of receiving the Essays.

The publication and circulation of the preferred Tract will be regulated by the Pennsylvania Society above mention.

W. Rawle, Committee.
J. Preston,
Thomas Shipley,