Questions on War

Questions on War.

Are the principles from which wars and fightings come, good in themselves?—Are the principles of War the source of any real good?—Is not War an incitement to crime? Does not the spirit and practice of War cherish some of the worst inclinations of our depraved nature; as anger, malice, revenge, fraud, cruelty, &c.?—May not Wars usually be traced to one or more of the following causes: the ambition of princes or governments, instigating them to increase their dominions, and bring other nations under their sway; jealousy at the prosperity and increasing influence of another nation; a love of military glory; a desire of retaliation or revenge for some real or imaginary affront; the anticipation of injury from another power?—Can any or the whole of the above causes justify a Government in plunging a nation into all the miseries of War; or will the object proposed to be attained compensate for the loss of millions of money and thousands of lives, and the consequent privations endured by the nation?—If War enriches a few, does it not impoverish the many?—Are not many wounded and maimed by War, and rendered unable to earn their bread?—Has not War wantonly and profusely shed human blood, and deprived millions of our fellow-creatures of life?—Has not War prematurely precipitated thousands into an awful eternity, unprepared to meet their Judge?—Does not War, in its causes and effects, gratify him who was a murderer from the beginning?—Are you prepared to say that you conscientiously believe that War accords, in its spirit and practice, with the benevolence of the Deity, with the mission of Christ into the world, and with the spirit, the promises, and the precepts of Christianity?