What Is the Libertarian League?

[i]What Is the Libertarian League?

By C. C. Vincent

The growth of puritanic tyranny throughout America now contaminates every state, country, city and community. This sentiment is finally crystallized into Blue Laws, such as enforced Sunday closing, which now prevails quite completely throughout 21 states; such as censorship of motion pictures and theaters, now existing in various degrees throughout our 48 states; such as suppression of dancing, regulation of dress and all sorts of restrictive legislation that hampers freedom of expression and the fullness of life in America.

Liberty Violated Everywhere

The practical result is that on Sunday you cannot go to a ball-game in Pennsylvania, or to a dramatic performance in the great state of New York; that you cannot get a drink of soda-water in Philadelphia on Sunday, without bootlegging it; that delivery of a quart of water ice or ice cream to your home in Omaha on Sunday is against the law; that the purchase on any day of a package of cigarettes is a crime in North Dakota and Kansas; that to work in your garden on Sunday in North Carolina and many other states is a jail offense; and to dance publicly on Sunday is outlawed even in lovely Los Angeles, unless you are a theatrical performer. Ultimately, although cleanliness is next to godliness, you and I will everywhere be prohibited from buying a cake of soap on Sunday. We are treated like children, as if we did not know what is good for us on 52 days of the year.

Organized Education the Remedy

All red-blooded Americans must begin to act in accordance with the principle of equal liberty. The do-nothing policy has enabled the Blues to plant their laws all over this nation, although they are but a small minority of well organized, well intentioned but sadly mistaken, pious sectarians. While members of different sects, they present a solid front and are strongly entrenched. They really act upon and vigorously support their beliefs.

The only practical method of defeating any organized movement is to build a better one. Everybody knows that.

The Libertarian League is such an organization, built on a permanent basis that assures a bigger, better and more powerful weapon to fight for liberty and against blue laws than all the Blues can ever hope to construct. The League is the one organization in America with a definite, concrete program based on fundamental, sound and adequate principles opposing all Blue-Lawism. Its long experienced directing officials wage successful campaigns. They are familiar with the other efforts that have failed in the past.

To defeat the Blues is no easy task. They must be met with superior force and strategy. On no other ground but the high ground of liberty, and by no other group than by the real Libertarians who accept and fight for liberty as a matter of principle, can the Blue-Law issue be met and won.

Great Majority Against Blue Laws

When the great majority understand the principles of liberty they are sure to line up against the Blues. They must not only acquire this understanding but must manifest a determination to act accordingly. Belief must be backed up with action. Nearly every one believes something ought to be done to stop Blue-Law tyranny. The Libertarian League is organized to do it under the right principles and the right plans. The greatest need now is that you should join and help get others to do the same. With a well organized group of Libertarians in every community broadcasting the principles of freedom and leading the fight under the banner of Equal Liberty for All the Blues are destined to be defeated all over the country.

Line Up With the League

To acknowledge to the world that you are a Libertarian is to do yourself an honor. To oppose freedom or to stand by and do nothing is a disgrace. Persons alive to their best interests help to maintain their own freedom. The scope of the League is nation-wide. Education is always its first and chiefest campaign. Without organization nothing will be done. Without your membership less will be done. You are the one to help spread the thoroughly done.

Make a study of liberty, so that you will know how to fight for it.
light of liberty or else it will not be

Membership Requirements and Dues

To be a member you must approve of the principles of Liberty adopted by the League (see page 10). To carry on an extensive campaign requires more than a dollar from each member, but that much makes you a member. Subscribing members pay $2 per year and get The Libertarian magazine for a year. Sustaining members send more, some pledging $1 per month, while others pay $10 or more, according to their means. Two dollar memberships help build and extend the organization, but it costs us all of this to furnish literature and to educate each member. Hence the necessity for larger amounts for pushing the work of the League rapidly forward.

The first duty of members is to put the League in touch with all persons they know who are likely to help fight for liberty. A list of dead-heads wastes the League's funds. Send in names of all the live ones you know, no matter where they live.

Directors and Officials of the League

Our President is Charles T. Sprading, known the world over as one of the most consistent, courageous and constant advocates of Liberty in America and author of several books and pamphlets on this subject alone. He has charge of the general direction of the National Campaign and soon will tour the United States, speaking in the principal cities.

H. F. Rossner is National Secretary, for many years known as an editorial writer and faithful protagonist of freedom. Clarence Lee Swartz is Treasurer, with a life-long record of brilliant service to the cause of liberty, now also Editor of The Libertarian. Vice-Presidents John A. Wilson and Alfred W. Lumm are practical, dependable men, successful in their fields, who have proved their devotion and loyalty to Liberty. All of these men, together with John Martin of Denver and S. Silberberg of New York, are directors of the League. John D. Bradley of Washington, D.C. represents the League before the various committees of Congress having to do with ecclesiastical legislation.

Mr. George Wright is one of our local organizers in Los Angeles.

The men heading the organization are old time Libertarians, proved devotees of the principle. Under their direction the host of like-minded men aand women who enter the field as lecturers, educators, and organizers, will promote the more and more rapid growth of the League.

The National Headquarters are located at 4209 Eastside Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, where all communications and membership subscriptions should be sent. All authorized representatives carry credentials signed by President Sprading. Don't trust strangers with your subscription—they may be Blue Law enemies.