Ethics (1912)

G. E. Moore

Portrait from WikiPedia: George Edward Moore

Ethics, by G. E. Moore, was first published in 1912, as volume number 52 in the Home University Library of Modern Knowledge series. This is a complete electronic transcription of the public domain text (with references to pages within the book altered to refer to paragraphs within the electronic text).

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1. Utilitarianism.
  2. Chapter 2. Utilitarianism (concluded)
  3. Chapter 3. The Objectivity of Moral Judgments
  4. Chapter 4. The Objectivity of Moral Judgments (concluded).
  5. Chapter 5. Results the Test of Right and Wrong.
  6. Chapter 6. Free Will.
  7. Chapter 7. Intrinsic Value.
  8. Note on Books