Mind: New Series. Vol. 4, No. 14 (April 1895)


  1. I.—The Philosophy of Common Sense: Prof. Sidgwick
  2. II.—Nature of Inference in Hindu Logic: S. N. Gupta
  3. III.—On the supposed Uselessness of the Soul: F. H. Bradley
  4. IV.—Emotions versus Pleasure-Pain: H. R. Marshall
  5. V.—On the Relation of Accomodation and Convergence to our Sense of Depth: E. T. Dixon
  6. VI.—Reality and Causation (II.): W. Carlile
  7. VII.—In what sense are Psychical States extended? F. H. Bradley
  8. VIII.—Discussion:
    1. On the difference of Time and Rhythm in Music: E. T. Dixon
  9. IX.—Critical Notices:
    1. J. N. Keynes, Studies and Exercises in Formal Logic: W. E. Johnson
    2. Dr G. Heymans, Die Gesetze und Elemente des wissenschaftlichen Denkens: B. Russell
    3. Dr A. Riehl, Introduction to the Theory of Science and Metaphysics: J. S. Mackenzie
    4. J. Seth, A Study of Ethical Principles: E. E. C. Jones
  10. X.—New Books
  11. XI.—Philosophical Periodicals
  12. XII.—Notes
    1. What the Tortoise Said to Achilles: Lewis Carroll

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