The Theory of Good and Evil (1907)

Hastings Rashdall

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The Theory of Good and Evil, by Hastings Rashdall, was first published by the in two volumes in 1907. This is an electronic transcription of the public domain text as it appears in the original Clarendon Press (Oxford) edition available in scanned images through the Internet Archive.

The transcription is currently incomplete. We have placed the parts that have been completed online in the hope that they will be useful.

Table of Contents

  1. Volume I

    1. Preface
    2. Part I. The Moral Criterion

      1. Chapter 1. Introductory
      2. Chapter 2. Psychological Hedonism
      3. Chapter 3. Rationalistic Utilitarianism
      4. Chapter 4. Intuitionism
      5. Chapter 5. The Categorical Imperative
      6. Chapter 6. Reason and Feeling
  2. Volume II

    1. Part I. The Individual and the Society

      1. Chapter 1. The Hedonistic Calculus
      2. Chapter 2. The Commensurability of All Values
    2. Part II. Man and the Universe

      1. Chapter 3. Metaphysic and Morality
      2. Chapter 4. Free-Will