The Religion of Nature delineated

The Religion of Nature delineated, by William Wollaston, was first published in 1722. This text is based on Kessinger Publishing's facsimile (ISBN 0-7661-6894-8) of J. and P. Knapton's edition of 1750, prepared by John Clarke — in which Clarke added translations of Wollaston's notes, at the request of Queen Caroline.

This transcription is still very much incomplete, and has been placed online in the hopes that what is complete so far will be useful. More will be added as we transcribe it.


  1. Front Matter
  2. A PREFACE containing a general Account of the Life, Character, and Writings of the AUTHOR: by John Clarke
  3. Introduction
  4. I. Of Moral Good and Evil
  5. II. Of Happiness
  6. III. Of Reason, and the ways of discovering truth
  7. IV. Of the Obligations of imperfect Beings with respect to their power of acting
  8. V. Truths relating to the Deity. Of his existence, perfection, providence, &c.
  9. VI. Truths respecting Mankind in general, antecedent to all human laws.
  10. VII. Truths respecting particular Societies of Men, or Governments
  11. VIII. Truths concerning Families and Relations
  12. IX. Truths belonging to a Private Man, and respecting (directly) only himself