The Principles of Mathematics (1903)

Chapter XX. The Range of Quantity

Table of Contents

  1. § 159. Divisibility does not belong to all quantities
  2. § 160. Distance
  3. § 161. Differential coefficients
  4. § 162. A magnitude is never divisible, but may be a magnitude of divisibility
  5. § 163. Every magnitude is unanalyzable

§ 159 n. 1. On the subject of the resemblances of colours, see Meinong, Abstrahiren und Vergleichen, Zeitschrift f. Psych. u. Phys. d. Sinnesorgane, Vol. XXIV, p. 72 ff. I am not sure that I agree with the whole of Meinong's argument, but his general conclusion, dass die Umfangscollective des Aehnlichen Allgemeinheiten darstellen, an denen die Abstraction wenigstens unmittelbar keinen Antheil hat (p. 78), appears to me to be a correct and important logical principle.

§ 160 n. 1. Cf. Meinong, Ueber die Bedeutung des Weber'schen Gesetzes, Hamburg and Leipzig, 1896, p. 23.