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This is a complete online archive of full issues of William Lloyd Garrison’s newspaper The Liberator (1831-1865), the most prominent periodical of radical Abolitionism in the united states of America. You can find scanned PDF documents of full issues of The Liberator, as well as a number of individual articles, columns and departments from the magazine that have been transcribed in HTML for ease of reading, searching, and linking. This archive is a project in progress, with the ultimate aim being to make all 35 years of The Liberator available in full on the web.

Manuscript history, &c. As of September 4, 2014, all full-issue PDFs are scanned from the reproductions available on microfilm (American Periodical Series, University Microfilms International, Ann Arbor, Mich.) through the Auburn University Libraries in Auburn, Alabama. Scans from other sources are welcome, if available, in order to supplement the collection when reproductions from the Auburn microform are illegible or defective. HTML transcriptions come either from the Auburn scans, or, occasionally from reprinted articles in William Lloyd Garrison and the Fight Against Slavery: Selections from The Liberator (ed. William E. Cain, Bedford/St. Martin’s). All issues made available so far were scanned by Charles W. Johnson between May 2012 and May 2014. A great part of the inspiration for this project came from Shawn P. Wilbur’s magnificent work in producing an online archive for Benjamin Tucker’s Liberty.

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The online archives of The Liberator were made possible through the generous support of many donors who provided critical support to cover the costs of the project, including:

  • Charles Johnson
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